Download for iPhone & Android.

Easily silence calls from certain contacts. Now including silent texts and alerts.

Download Silent Ringtone on iTunes
Download Silent Ringtone on iTunes




For Android and Windows phones & tablets (on HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Sony etc.)

Amazon Silent Ringtone Download


Download Silent Ringtone on iTunes




For Android phones & tablets (HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Sony etc.)

Google Play Silent Ringtone Download



Make unwanted callers and texters stay silent. It's easy now.


Have you ever wished your phone could ring only when certain people call?

Here you go. The Silent Ringtone on your iPhone or smartphone. This is the original that...


> groups & blocks annoying people and keeps you available for 'good' contacts.

> saves your sleep and only alarms in case of important calls / messages.

> screens your contacts and never disturbs you in meetings again.

> is cheaper than any call blocking hardware or service solution.

Direct Download to iPhone & Android.

"Silent Ringtone" directly moves to your phone library.

No need for manual processes like file converting, copying, iTunes syncing etc.