Tips for a great pitch: Set a silent timer

Imagine you are holding a presentation with a time budget of 5 minutes. After 4 minutes you need a sign so that you can slow down or speed up a little. Here are the most popular options to keep an eye on your time.



1. Put your watch on the table and take a look once in a while.

Pro: It's the classic way.

Problem: Ok, but if you are a little nervous you might forget to take a glance.


2. Let someone give you a sign after 4 minutes

Pro: It's the human approach and you might involve someone to listen and help.

Problem: There is not always a person that is available. You might forget to wait for the sign.


3. Set the Silent Ringtone as a silent timer

The Silent Ringtone used for a silent timer can vibrate in your pocket after 4 minutes. You will sure notice that sign, while nobody else does. It's a professional and independent way to stay on time. Optional: If vibration is turned off the silent timer will work as a visual alert only. Your phone on the table would give a silent sign without vibration. Turning off is easy. Just push the home button.


Good luck with your presentation!


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