I downloaded the mp3 version. How can I assign the silent ringtone?


If you downloaded the mp3 version please rename the sound file to "silent iphone.m4r" on your Mac/PC. Now you can drag and drop the file into your Ringtone library in the iTunes software. A synchronization with your iPhone will make the Silent Ringtone show up in your 'Sounds' settings on your device.


other devices:

Transfer the file to your phone, go to your ringtone settings menu, select the silent ringtone. Done!


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How do I install a .m4r ringtone to my iPhone?

Buy one from the iTunes Store on your iPhone and install it, or sync .m4r files with your computer from iTunes.

1. Getting ringtones folder to show in iTunes on your computer:
iTunes > Preferences. Under the General tab below Show, confirm Ringtones is selected

2. How to sync ringtones to your iPhone:

Useful hint

If you set the Silent Ringtone as your standard sound for incoming calls you can selectively assign noisy ones to people you still want to talk to. That's pretty good in case you sleep and only want to be awakened by relevant persons.